Dental Fillings Help with More Than Sealing Cavities

Dental Fillings Help with More Than Sealing Cavities

Oct 07, 2021

Do you think filling dental cavities is the only role assigned to dental fillers? You may be surprised when informed dental fillings also help repair damaged teeth from injuries when playing sports or accidents. Dentistry advances now make available dental composite fillings to repair different types of damages you may incur on your teeth. Therefore, during your dental appointment, if the dentist recommends you need dental fillings, it could be a requirement to repair your damaged teeth.

Dental fillings in Worcester, MA, frequently provide treatments for repairing chipped, cracked, broken, and discolored teeth. These treatments aren’t painful and don’t require any anesthesia. Better still, the dentist completes the treatment in one visit to the dental office unless you need extensive dental work besides filling cavities. When visiting this dentist for routine exams, it helps if you don’t startle yourself if the term dental fillings are recommended for your teeth unless the dentist discovers a cavity on your front tooth.

What Treatments Can You Seek With Composite Fillings?

Resin fillings are tooth-colored, matching the natural color of your teeth. They are undoubtedly helpful for filling cavities in the aesthetic zone of your mouth and even the molars. These fillings have become a popular option among people seeking cavity fillings on their front teeth and even in the posterior regions of their mouths. However, they need replacements every five to seven years.

However, you may also incur damages to your teeth from accidents or impacts needing repairs to prevent bacterial infections from penetrating your teeth. In such cases, you can request a temporary tooth filling from your dentist until you have the tooth permanently repaired by a dentist of your choice.

These dental fillings are excellent when you don’t want or can’t have expensive treatments to safeguard tooth damages from aggravating because you can’t invest in a dental crown or alternative therapies.

If you need teeth gap fillings to cover ungainly gaps between your teeth, you can request this dentist to provide a remedy until you make up your mind on whether the gap is better dealt with using orthodontic treatments.

Why Are Tooth-Colored Fillings Preferred by Dentists and People?

Besides composite fillings, fillers are also available in materials like gold, amalgam, ceramic, and glass ionomer. However, none have the flexibility or the aesthetic appearance of composite fillers.

If you need a cavity filled on your front teeth, would you prefer silver amalgam or gold fillers? Firstly the color of both fillers impacts your smile more than your teeth despite their durability and long-lasting feature. Furthermore, gold fillings are expensive and require at least two appointments with the dentist in Worcester, MA, after customizing them explicitly for your teeth.

Ceramic filters are also tooth-colored with a similar appearance as composite resin. However, they are twice as expensive and require replacements every five to seven years. On the other hand, composite resin fillers aren’t as expensive as ceramic or gold but remain on your teeth for the same time as ceramic.

If you have minor damages on your teeth, you can confidently approach Tatnuck Family Dental Care for a solution to conceal the injuries. The dentists at the facility will examine your teeth to determine whether the damages are insignificant enough for covering with composite resin. Unfortunately, if they are significant, the dentist recommends alternative treatments like dental crowns or veneers as suitable remedies for the purpose. If you cannot have alternative therapies because of your financial situation, the dentist can temporarily mend the affected tooth or teeth with a temporary solution reminding you that a permanent remedy is incredibly essential.

Dental fillings were primarily used for damaged teeth affected by tooth decay and cavities, and they still serve the purpose excellently. However, damages your teeth also can cause significant problems to your oral and overall health. For example, a cracked tooth is a breeding ground for bacteria in your mouth which soon penetrates it to cause a cavity needing dental fillings.

You can decide to ignore your dentist in Worcester, MA advice to get dental fillings, but you are risking the chances of infections to your dental pulp bringing upon you the certainty of undergoing root canal treatments. Would you prefer to have your damaged tooth repaired when detected by the dentist or like waiting for the damage to spread and impact your oral health? If you choose the former, get the cracks corrected promptly to avoid unnecessary miseries.

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