Do You Know That a Smile Makeover Can Transform Your Smile Completely?

Do You Know That a Smile Makeover Can Transform Your Smile Completely?

Feb 01, 2020

Are you aware that your smile has a lot to say about you? It can let people know whether you are sad or happy, shy or talkative but what is your smile saying about you? You can make an investment in yourself by deciding to get a smile makeover because it can improve your smile with brightening, whitening, and straightening your teeth. Therefore why not invest in your smile to make people understand you are an outgoing person?

You can begin by trying to understand whether getting a smile makeover will be helpful to you by discussing your options with your dentist. Not all sets of teeth are the same and varying degrees of dental work may be necessary to make your smile the best around. Let us look at some of the aspects of a beautiful smile.

Spacing and Alignment

Did you possess braces when you were a teenager? If so your teeth may be well aligned. Proper alignment of your teeth ensures they are straight and follow each other naturally. However, if your teeth are not aligned properly you could be having crooked teeth along with gaps between the teeth that were not filled when you were a child. Corrections in spacing and alignment will ensure you have a full mouth makeover.

Chipped or Lost Teeth

It will be embarrassing for you if you have chipped teeth in the front of your mouth. They are potentially dangerous because they can also cause cavities. Chips in your teeth make them vulnerable to substances that break them down and cause pain in the roots. Lost teeth while affecting your smile also affect the positioning of the remaining teeth in your mouth. When you lose teeth it opens up space for the teeth to move around. It causes issues with the spacing and alignment in the rest of your mouth. It also affects your bite which may not look like a problem in the beginning but as time passes by lots of problems can affect you making it necessary for you to consider a dental makeover.


If you have problems with your front teeth you can confidently consider dental veneers as a safe option because they can correct any problem with your front teeth. Dental veneers are custom made for your teeth and your dentist will be making them with a thin but strong layer of porcelain. The porcelain veneer will be cemented to the front teeth by the dentist to reshape a tooth that looks either too small or too big. It can also cover up chipped or worn down teeth giving you a veneer smile makeover

Dental Implants

Dental implants will be the best option if you have more than one missing teeth. The procedure for having them is lengthy because the dentist will place a titanium post into your jawbone where the root of the missing tooth existed. A custom-made crown will be fitted on top of the post. Dental implants are useful even when you have more than one missing tooth. If you have several missing teeth in one row that can be bonded onto one implant while also being capable of replacing dentures.


The color of your teeth is one of the major issues when smiling. Thankfully, this is one of the easiest to fix because the discoloration would have been caused by acidic foods, coffee, wine by attacking the enamel and leaving stains behind. A simple professional whitening treatment provided by a dentist in Worcester can help you to overcome the stains faster than over-the-counter products. Dentists use effective methods with stronger materials to whiten the teeth making an attempt to create a natural and pleasing color without trying to go too white. Many dentists can whiten your teeth several shades in a single sitting giving you the smile makeover you were desiring.

Are You Prepared to Revamp Your Smile?

Making an investment in your smile is invaluable because a smile makeover can improve the look and feel of your teeth to give you the missing self-confidence that you always wanted. You can consider making your teeth whiter and brighter with professional teeth whitening or opt for bonding that can fix chipped or broken teeth to save the pulp and the root of the tooth from unnecessary trouble. Dental implants can fill any gaps left behind by missing teeth and dental veneers are a solution within cosmetic dentistry that can fix any problems in a single go. Contact the dentist in Worcester to learn more about cosmetic dental procedures that will change your smile forever.

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