How Dental Bonding is Used in Cosmetic Dentistry 

How Dental Bonding is Used in Cosmetic Dentistry 

Jul 01, 2020

Cosmetic Dentistry has picked up in popularity over the years. People are becoming more self-conscious regarding their appearance, and a big part of that concerns the oral cavity. The appearance of your teeth goes a long way in shaping your confidence and improving the quality of your life.

One of the defining dental procedures of cosmetic dentistry is dental bonding. The lengths to which the procedure can be used to treat different dental problems are extensive.

What Is Dental Bonding?

It is a cosmetic procedure that involves bonding a composite on the surface of your teeth to correct, repair, and cover-up dental flaws. It is one of the most common procedures in Tatnuck Family Dental Care for performing cosmetic dental works.

When you approach a dentist in Worcester, MA with desired goals for what you want your smile to look like, it is highly likely that teeth bonding will be involved in your treatment. Dental bonding is versatile because it describes the process of attaching different oral materials to teeth to correct them. For the most part, even attaching dental veneers on teeth can be classified as a bonding procedure.

How Does It Work?

The tooth bonding procedure is among the simplest procedures in cosmetic dentistry. The dentist will first examine your teeth to identify any anomalies. Any infection or decay has to be treated before treatment begins.

Usually, dental anesthesia is not necessary for a bonding procedure. If it is used, it is probably following an infection or a decayed tooth.

  • Preparation – your tooth is prepared to receive the composite resin. This process involves cleaning your teeth, then roughening it. For this, a conditioning gel will be used to roughen the surface of your teeth. The preparation process is important as it allows the bonding material to adhere properly to your teeth.
  • Application – the resin material is then applied on your surface. The composite resin is cured to adhere properly, usually using lasers or ultraviolet light.
  • Shaping – since the composure resin is not tooth-shaped, it may not necessarily take on the desired shape. Your dentist will, therefore, shape the composite as well as polish it for the perfect glare to match your natural teeth.

When Is Dental Bonding Used?

  • For brightening discolored teeth – a composite material that can be matched to the natural color of your teeth is placed over the stained teeth. Besides, you can also choose a whiter shade, for your desired results.
  • For repairing broken and chipped teeth – just because your tooth is cracked, chipped, or broken does not mean you remove it. If your tooth is still healthy, a cosmetic repair involving dental bonding in Worcester, MA can help restore the damaged part of your tooth.
  • For dental cavities – sometimes composite bonding is used to treat decayed teeth as dental fillings. In that case, they are considered onlays or inlays.
  • To close gaps between teeth – gaps caused by the small size of teeth can be unsightly. Teeth bonding for gaps is a cosmetic alternative for this orthodontic challenge that would otherwise require dental braces to correct.
  • To lengthen teeth – if you have unusually short teeth, it can give you the appearance of a gummy smile that is usually unappealing to the eyes. Dental Bonding procedures can help lengthen your teeth, giving you a fuller smile.

Is Dental Bonding Durable?

The durability of dental bonding procedures is relative. It depends on the location of the restorative measure. Technically, front teeth that are bonded last longer than the back teeth. The back teeth have to resist the pressure of frequent chewing, which can take a toll on your bonded teeth. However, dental bonding is not a long-term solution for teeth damage. On average, you can scoop out about 4 to 8 years with the procedure.

Should You Try Teeth Bonding?

If you have a specific goal for your smile, there is no reason you shouldn’t sign up for a Smile makeover. One of the main reasons why patients opt for dental bonding procedures is because they offer a quick solution to dental problems. If you are excited above getting a beautiful smile in a short while, do not hesitate to try dental bonding.

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