Restoring an Entire Arch of Teeth Is Possible with Full Mouth Dental Implants

Restoring an Entire Arch of Teeth Is Possible with Full Mouth Dental Implants

May 01, 2020

When you have more than one teeth missing you will receive different solutions from your dentist to replace the missing teeth. Affordable bridges and dentures are an option that can help you to leave behind the embarrassment of missing teeth. Another recommendation your dentist can make is full mouth dental implants in Worcester, MA that are expensive but can offer distinct advantages over treatments of other types when compared to dentures.

Implant dentists can offer you mini dental implants or full dental implants as one of the most advanced and latest techniques in the procedures of all on 4 or all on 6 dental implants. You will be examined by the dentist and the material for the implants which could be either titanium or zirconia will be discussed with you for placing the full mouth dental implants.

Restore the Upper or Lower Arch of Teeth in One Complete Bridge with Six Dental Implants

Having a bridge to replace 10 or 12 missing teeth by using multiple dental implants for the full mouth is possible. This type of restoration is either screwed or cemented in place. Dentists prefer to screw full dental implants in position because they can be retrieved easily for maintenance at a later date. The screws are attached to the bridge but are covered with the composite resin which is tooth-colored to ensure it remains invisible.

The precise number of dental implants needed for the entire mouth can vary depending on whether it is a lower or the upper arch of teeth and how many replacement teeth are being supported. In most cases, however, dentists are using all on 6 implants.

Who is a suitable candidate for this procedure?

Before undergoing this procedure the dentist offering dental implants in Worcester needs to examine your mouth and discuss your medical history because systemic conditions can affect the healing process. All on 6 implant treatment can also be affected by certain medications.

If you are suitable for this procedure six dental implants will be placed at strategic locations into your upper and lower arch as they need to receive adequate support from the surrounding bone. You may have suffered a significant bone loss if you had lost your teeth quite some time ago. It may also be the case if you had advanced periodontal disease that may have destroyed the bone surrounding your natural teeth. However, it will still be possible for you to undergo this procedure if you are prepared for a bone graft to build bone for the implant by using sophisticated bone grafting techniques.

Dentists understand every patient is different and look for certain factors before recommending this procedure.

  • If the patient is suffering from speech issues alternative treatments to replace missing teeth with a single tooth implant may be required. It brings upon the patient the need for more implants and bone grafting and therefore patients must be prepared for the additional treatment time and expenses.
  • Patients suffering from bruxism and irregular chewing cycles will also be assessed by the dentists to determine whether the procedure is suitable for them.
  • Patients at a higher risk of dental caries also need to be assessed for the best individual options for them according to their situation.

All on 4 dental implants is a system that utilizes just four dental implants for supporting a lower denture to provide a cost-effective long-term solution. These implants are located in the front of the mouth to reduce or eliminate the need for extensive bone grafts. The system allows the front tooth implant to be loaded immediately after the surgery is completed. To stabilize loose dentures the Dentist in Worcester may also offer mini dental implants.

Full dental implants can offer a permanent solution, unlike dentures that are designed to be removed every day or bridges and crowns that require regular maintenance these placements are a permanent solution for missing teeth. They can be placed by a periodontist who will attach the implants directly into the jawbone. Crowns are thereafter attached to the implants to provide a secure and natural-looking fit. A full set of implants is custom-designed for your mouth and can be placed as one set of teeth to fill in your smile when you are missing one or several teeth in an arch. As they are permanent you will never have to worry about removing them or sticking them back in place not only continue to enjoy the comfort and stability they offer.

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