Say Goodbye to Gaps and Stains with Dental Bonding

Say Goodbye to Gaps and Stains with Dental Bonding

Jul 01, 2023

Do you want to wave goodbye to the minor gaps between your teeth and stains on them without getting into expensive cosmetic dentistry procedures? You may not want orthodontic treatment to close the gaps between your teeth or think dental veneers are your only option for hiding teeth with stains.

What if you received information that you can comfortably achieve your goal of eliminating the colors on your teeth and the gaps using conservative treatment like tooth bonding completed by dentists in one appointment at their office and costing fewer dollars than veneers or orthodontic appliances? You may be pleased with dentistry advances and look for a dentist nearby offering dental bonding to help you eliminate your dental defects.

Dental Bonding Explained

If you have minor defects with your teeth, like chips, cracks, discoloration, gaps, or uneven teeth, you do not have to consider intensive cosmetic treatments like dental veneers or dental crowns. Instead, you can view a conservative treatment like dental bonding that helps cover all your dental flaws in one or two appointments with the dentist.

Dental bonding does not require preparation or anesthesia when restoring your teeth. On the contrary, you can receive dental bonding in Worcester, MA, in an afternoon appointment with the dentist to improve the looks of your teeth to complement your smile.

When resin bonding teeth, the dentist uses a tooth-colored composite resin similar to white dental fillings. Therefore if you want to replace silver fillings from your anterior teeth, you can request the bonding treatment remembering that you require anesthesia to remove the existing filler. You will also require anesthesia to cover exposed tooth roots due to gum recession.

You can receive bonding treatment if your teeth are unaffected by tooth decay or gum disease. However, if you are affected by these conditions, the dentist recommends treating them before bonding your teeth.

Dental Bonding for Stain Removal

If you want to eliminate stubborn stains from infections or injuries on your teeth unresponsive to teeth whitening treatments, the Worcester dentist can quickly complete the treatment taking 30 to 60 minutes per tooth to make them appear beautiful.

When bonding your teeth, the dentist does not require you to remove tooth structure. Instead, they merely rough the surface of the teeth with a conditioning liquid and apply the tooth-colored resin over them. They harden the material using ultraviolet light before shaping the tooth as desired. The painless treatment allows you to return to work or home soon after getting the teeth bonded.

Dental Bonding for Filling Gaps and Spaces

Closing gaps in your teeth also involves a similar procedure as removing stains. However, instead of applying the resin over the teeth, the dentist uses the material between them before shaping and molding it and hardening it with ultraviolet light. As a result, you can leave the dentist’s office without visible gaps between your teeth or spaces, showing off a beautiful smile to everyone around you.

Caring for Your Bonded Teeth

After getting your teeth bonded, it helps if you realize the composite resin is not as durable as your tooth enamel and remains susceptible to chipping and cracking. The composite resin can also stain if you frequently consume staining foods and beverages, making it essential to limit having the foods and drinks to prevent staining of your teeth. In reality, the dentist advises not to have staining foods or beverages or smoke during the initial 48 hours after getting your teeth bonded.

Although not as durable as your tooth enamel or dental crowns and veneers, the composite resin material remains on your teeth for a decade with proper care. To achieve your goal, you must ensure you brush your teeth twice daily using fluoride toothpaste, floss at least once at any time of the day or night, and receive six monthly dental checkups and cleanings from your dentist.

The dental bonding treatment is usually reserved for your anterior teeth, which you use to bite foods. However, biting into complex foods or using your teeth as tools to open packages can damage the resin, making it essential to avoid such practices and use your molars for chewing instead of your front teeth. During regular dental checkups, your dentist can monitor the bonding material on your teeth to recommend a reapplication if they observe chips and cracks or staining to help you maintain the aesthetic looks of your teeth and smile.

Tatnuck Family Dental Care offers a conservative treatment to say goodbye to gaps and stains on your teeth with dental bonding. If you are affected by the dental flaws described, kindly do not hesitate to visit the dental clinic in Worcester, MA to get your teeth bonded in conservative therapy from the dentist.

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