Dental Bridges in Worcester, MA

Dental Bridges in Worcester, MA

When someone has missing teeth, they need to seek a dentist skilled in either restorative or cosmetic dentistry. While restorative dentistry is focused on returning the teeth to their original level of function, cosmetic dentistry focuses on changing the overall appearance of the smile to make a person more comfortable or confident. Both fields are capable of creative dental bridges in Worcester, MA, an appliance that sits in the mouth and fills the gaps where teeth are missing with synthetic models. For more information, read the short guide below and contact Tatnuck Family Dental Care today.

How the Dental Bridges Works

Missing teeth have numerous effects on a person’s overall health and wellness, especially if multiple has fallen out or been removed. Besides affecting basic activities like chewing and eating, self-confidence issues can result in a person smiling and speaking less as well. The lack of pressure and activity also weakens the gums and jawbone, leading to tissue loss and an overall change in the facial structure.

To avoid these problems, patients can consult one of our dentists, about the dental bridges. A bridge features teeth made of porcelain or composite resin that are modeled to resemble a patient’s natural teeth. The synthetic teeth are connected with wires or a metal structure that sits behind the teeth. To become fixed in the mouth, the bridge is usually crowned to preexisting healthy teeth or implanted directly through the gums and into the jawbone.

Who Qualifies for Dental Bridges?

Anyone who is missing teeth can consult one of our dentists about dental bridges in Worcester, MA, but not everyone can wear one. Patients will first need to schedule an appointment to have their teeth and gums examined, and their jaws x-rayed, to see if the mouth is healthy and strong enough to support the bridge.

Overall, patients need to have healthy gums and either healthy natural teeth or a strong jawbone. If the patient has healthy natural teeth, then the most convenient dental bridge will be one where the appliance is permanently affixed to those teeth using dental crowns. Someone who has few teeth can choose to have an implant bridge, which is permanent but connected to the jawbone.

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