Dental Veneers in Worcester, MA

Dental Veneers in Worcester, MA

Dental veneers in Worcester, MA, are cosmetic and restorative procedure designed to help patients achieve the smile they desire by covering minor imperfections. Many individuals are self-conscious about their smiles, so the staff at Tatnuck Family Dental Care are dedicated to ensuring patients receive the look they want by offering these dental veneers in Worcester, MA.

What are Dental Veneers?

A dental veneer is a thin shield or shell that are placed over the front teeth. The veneer is typically made of porcelain or a composite resin and is often one-eighth millimeter thick. Dental Veneers have numerous practical benefits, including helping shield sensitive enamel and providing a durable layer of protection from plaque and tartar. They also fix minor cosmetic imperfections or areas of unevenness that patients are self-conscious about. People often request porcelain and composite veneers to correct the following:

  • Discoloration
  • Gaps between the teeth
  • Teeth that are longer or shorter than the others
  • Minor chips and cracks
  • Jagged or crooked teeth

How Dental Veneers are Placed

Individuals interested in dental veneers need to make an appointment with our dentist for an Dental exam and consultation. The exam will be a visual and tactile inspection of the teeth and gums. The dentist will use a variety of tools during this exam. X-rays might also be done to check on the current alignment of the jaws and to search for pockets of decay inside the teeth.

If your teeth are deemed healthy, then the process of creating and receiving dental veneers is started. Our dentist, will numb your mouth and remove some enamel from the teeth receiving the dental veneers in Worcester, MA. This is to ensure the dental veneers do not change your bite and have room to sit.

Once the enamel is removed, a mold is made of your teeth. Our dentists, might then apply temporary veneers to protect your teeth while the permanent model is made. The creation process can take up to two weeks.

Once the permanent dental veneers are ready, you return for a second appointment. Final changes are made to the veneers, and they are then bonded to the teeth. When cared for, dental veneers can last for 20 years.

If you are still confused about the procedure of dental veneers in Worcester, MA, call us now to book an appointment with our dentist and know more about porcelain and composite veneers.

How long do dental veneers last?

Veneers can last up to over 20 years as long as you take good care of them. It is important to keep good oral hygiene to prevent any recurrent decay and to wear a night guard every night to prevent chips and fractures.

What is dental veneer treatment how does it works?

Veneers are a restorative treatment to improve esthetics. It is a thin ceramic restoration that will be cemented over the outer surface of your teeth to reshape your teeth and improve your smile.

How dental veneers are applied?

Veneers are bonded to the teeth using resin cements.

Can dental veneers be removed and replaced?

Yes, it can be removed and replaced as long as there are enough tooth structure remaining. If the remaining tooth structure is inadequate, then a crown would be a better choice for replacement.

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