Emergency Dentistry in Worcester, MA

Emergency Dentistry in Worcester, MA

Dental emergencies can occur any day at any time. In the case of urgent dental care in nearby areas visit our emergency dentist in Worcester, MA, Tatnuck Family Dental Care, for the appropriate care as soon as possible. If you have a life-threatening emergency, seek emergency medical care by calling 911 or transporting yourself safely to an emergency room but make sure you do not ignore urgent dental care because there are consequences of ignoring dental emergencies.

Reasons for Emergency Dentistry

Pain, from a dental perspective, is never normal and should not be ignored. If you are experiencing any of the following, please see us at our emergency dentistry in Worcester, MA, for emergency treatment right away:

  • -Persistent toothaches
  • -Dislodged or knocked-out tooth
  • -Broken or chipped teeth
  • -Lost filling or crown
  • -Excessive bleeding
  • -Damaged soft tissues including gum, cheeks, or tongue
  • -An abscess or infection
  • -Sports-related injury
  • -Impact trauma

Tatnuck Family Dental Care provides dental extractions, root canals, tooth repairs, and treatments for oral swelling as part of our emergency dental services. Our goal is to help relieve your pain while diagnosing and treating any underlying factors so that the pain or problem is not recurring.

Tips for Seeing an Emergency Dentist

If you have lost a tooth or a piece of tooth, attempt to find and clean the pieces of teeth and bring it with you to Tatnuck Family Dental Care. There is a small window of opportunity where a tooth may be placed back in its original position. If possible, keep these pieces in a glass of milk to keep them safe for restoration.

If you are experiencing pain or swelling, apply a cold compress or ice wrapped in a towel on the outside of your mouth. This will help reduce swelling while you get yourself to the Tatnuck Family Dental Care office.

To regain a healthy smile as quickly as possible, call Tatnuck Family Dental Care. If you cannot see a emergency dentist right away, call our office to schedule an appointment with Emergency Dentistry in Worcester, MA, and receive instructions for your specific urgent dental care. If you have experienced a head or neck trauma, we also recommend that you see a general physician before seeing us, to ensure that there are no other serious conditions.

What are examples of dental emergencies?

Acute tooth pain, facial swelling, broken/cracked tooth, trauma

I have a dental emergency. What should I do?

If it involves serious bleeding and/or swelling, should go seek emergency medical care first at the nearest urgent care or emergency room. For all other tooth-related emergencies, call us to have Dr. Lee evaluate the emergency and treat it properly.

How does emergency dentistry work?

Dr. Lee will evaluate the emergency to diagnose, they will offer the necessary treatment to address the issue. It is our priority to take care of the pain and/or any other pathologies as soon as possible.

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