Oral Cancer Screenings in Worcester, MA

Oral Cancer Screenings in Worcester, MA

Your smile is not the only thing that matters to us here at Tatnuck Family Dental Care. Your overall health can be affected by your oral health. For this reason, our dental office includes oral cancer screening in Worcester, MA, as part of regular dental exams and check-ups. Oral cancer can be fatal, but if it is diagnosed and treated early, it can most often be cured.

Tatnuck Family Dental Care has the expertise and resources to identify signs and symptoms of pre-cancerous and cancerous conditions in the oral cavity. While many of the signs and symptoms of oral cancer can be issues on their own, it is crucial that you visit our Worcester based office regularly to ensure that cancer is not the underlying cause.

Signs of Oral Cancer

Common symptoms of oral cancer include but are not limited to the following signs and symptoms:

  • Red or white spots or sores
  • Sores that often bleed or do not heal
  • Lumps or bumps in the oral cavity
  • Thick or rough soft tissue
  • Pain or numbness
  • Difficulty chewing or talking

Because many of these symptoms are associated with other oral issues and problems, visiting Worcester dental office is important because we can rule out cancer from other diagnoses during our cancer screenings.

What to Expect

Oral cancer screenings in Worcester, MA, are just another part of a regular, usually hour-long dental exam every six months. As such, the process is quick and painless. We will visually examine your mouth for signs of cancer as well as physically feel the back of the mouth or throat to check for anything out of the ordinary. X-rays may be performed, and if we think there is an abnormality, we may perform a small sample test before recommending a biopsy.

Lifestyle Habits

To help prevent oral cancer, we recommend more than just visiting our office for screenings. Avoiding all tobacco products and drinking alcohol in moderation is highly suggested. Smoking and vaping of any kind can increase your risks of oral cancer. Eating well-balanced, healthy meals are best for your health. Likewise, avoiding direct sun exposure and wearing UV-blocking skin and lip treatments can help reduce your risk of oral cancer.

For more information about oral cancer screenings in Worcester, MA, or to schedule your next exam with our dentist in Worcester, MA, call us today. Early detection can dramatically improve successful cancer treatment.

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