At Tatnuck Family Dental Care, We value our patients’ experience. Read below what our happy clients say about Dr. Lee!

Dr. Lee does excellent work!

Paul K.

I had a very deep cavity, Dr. Lee was very good. She was very accommodating so when I needed a break from the drilling, she had no problem with that. She knew I was a very nervous patient. I found her voice to be soft and calming, just waht I needed.

Donna V.

Dr. Lee, probably one of the most observant dentists I can remember, very professional and talented as well.

Michael T.

Dr. Lee is great. She tells you what’s happening when she’s working on your teeth so you know what to expect.

Janet P.

I had not had a filling in quite some time, so I was a bit nervous. I found Dr. Lee professional and comforting. I always worry about pain with drilling, but Dr. Lee was a master

Dennis P.

Can’t thank Dr. Lee enough for the amazing care given during my very impromptu visit.

Lisa D.

Dr. Lee was very professional and informative. Through the whole process, she was very specific and explained what she was doing. Great experience.

George C.

I was very nervous and Dr. Lee put me at ease as soon as I saw her. Dr. Lee fixed my broken tooth and was very gentle. She explains each step as she proceeds and is very reassuring as she works. She was also very good at giving me a novocaine shot, and patiently waited till it worked.

Linda F.

Dr. Lee was very patient and understanding. She explained everything that she was gong to do and did everything very professionally.

Raymond O.

Dr. Lee did a fantastic job filling in a cavity on one of my lateral incisors. i felt no pain or discomfort during the procedure, despite skipping the novocaine. The color was perfectly matched to my tooth – you cannot see the filling at all!

Lynne M.

Great experience, daughter had a cavity and was scared to get novocaine, they did a great job calming her down and she ended up not even feeling the needle at all.

jason r.

“Dr. Lee is a true professional. Best fillings I’ve ever had. I’m no longer afraid of the dentist. Can’t wait to go back!”

Virginia D.

“I have complete trust in Dr. Lee and her team. No pain, assurance during the procedure, and the experience was very positive. Thank you for your expert care.”

Andrea F.

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