The Benefits of Getting Dental Sealants Make the Risks of Getting Them Inconsequential

The Benefits of Getting Dental Sealants Make the Risks of Getting Them Inconsequential

Oct 01, 2020

Preventing cavities in children and adults for years is a quality of dental sealants. Besides, brushing your teeth twice a day, getting dental sealants in Worcester, MA may be a fantastic way to prevent kids from developing a tooth cavity. However, many people have raised suspicions about dental sealants as being harmful. Are dental sealants toxic as believed?

Reports published by the CDC have spoken about the benefits of this relatively affordable and straightforward procedure for children. Presently the market in the US is inundated with sugary beverages promoted as energizing drinks. Parents are packing their children’s lunch boxes with fermentable carbohydrates like chips and crackers besides sugary drinks as they are easily accessible. The chewable sugary snacks stick to the occlusal surfaces and have become part of children’s daily intake. The acid attacks produced from the sugary snacks and beverages cause cavities in children, and they usually appear on their first molars.

In the 60s that dental sealants were first introduced as a method of preventing initial dental caries in young children and teenagers. The ADA has confirmed that dental sealants can reduce the risk of dental caries by 80% when applied to permanent molars.

Why Are Dental Sealants Recommended?

The dentist in Worcester, MA, recommends dental sealants as a method of early prevention. It is to prevent food particles and sugars from becoming trapped into the deep fissures and grooves of the molars, which are difficult to brush. These particles become a source of food for the bacteria to weaken the enamel and eventually cause tooth decay and cavity. With regular dental checkups, the dentist in Worcester can monitor the eruption process to determine whether the first and second molars have erupted and recommend the application of dental sealants on the chewing surfaces.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants in Worcester, MA, are a liquid plastic applied on the chewing surfaces of clean molars. The application is hardened with a curing light. The liquid sealant fills the deep fissures to protect the molars from harmful acid attacks by sealing food out particles and bacteria.

Dental sealants protect the chewing surfaces from decay and provide children the time they need to grow and learn proper brushing techniques and nutritional habits. They are beneficial for keeping children’s teeth healthy. Children are usually not concerned about their dental health and rush through their brushing. Dental sealants act as the first line of defense against cavities for many children.

Are There Risks Involved in Having Dental Sealants Applied?

Many people have raised concerns about the environmental exposure to synthetic estrogens like bisphenol A. However, the risks have been proven inconsequential because the BPA levels in the saliva from exposure to BPA are at its highest three hours after the procedure and return to baseline within 24 hours. No BPA levels have been detected in blood serum, although more research is needed.

Parents concerned about BPA levels in dental sealants must understand the following:

Many dental materials used for treating tooth decay contain more chemicals than BPA.

Alternative materials for sealants are available, but information about whether they are more effective than dental sealants with BPA is not available.

The significant problem with dental sealants is the lack of awareness among people. Dental sealants have proven as safe and effective, and the benefits they offer make the risks inconsequential.

The Application of Dental Sealants

The dental sealant procedure is painless and can be accomplished in a single visit to the worcester dental office. While children are considered the primary recipients for dental sealants, adults can also benefit from having them on their molars. Until this date, no information is available to state dental sealants for adults are unsuitable or restricted. As a preventive measure on primary teeth, dental sealants work well to prevent issues that may need intensive treatments like drilling, sealing, and restoring the teeth.

Similar problems are also experienced by adults who can consider having dental sealants on their molars. Therefore dental sealants are beneficial both for adults and children susceptible to issues like tooth decay, cavities, and other issues. The benefits of dental fillings outweigh by far any potential risks that are being spoken about. It is for people to realize why they must consider having them on their molars and their children without fear.

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