The Complete Guide to Teeth Whitening & What It Does for Your Smile?

The Complete Guide to Teeth Whitening & What It Does for Your Smile?

Aug 03, 2022

Brighter and whiter smiles, besides remaining attractive, help instill confidence in you to meet everyday challenges without raising your palms. Unfortunately, if your teeth are dull or yellow after maintaining appropriate oral hygiene, a treatment for whitening your teeth provides the brighter smile you desire.

Teeth whitening in Worcester, MA, is a popular cosmetic dental service because it is a non-invasive procedure delivering instant results without significant side effects. You can achieve a brighter smile from an in-office therapy provided by dentists or request at-home whitening trays that dentists customize explicitly for your mouth.

Whitening Your Teeth Using At-Home Remedies

Advances in oral hygiene now make an extensive range of products available to whiten your teeth from the comfort of your home. You can purchase whitening strips, toothpaste, and whitening rinses to remove surface stains from your teeth developing from foods and beverages besides aging. The products are readily available at drugstores and have unique polishing agents and chemicals to remove stains from your tooth surfaces. Unfortunately, while removing surface stains, the products don’t whiten your teeth but simply provide quick and temporary fixes. If you want a celebrity smile, you must visit a dentist 01609 providing professional teeth whitening.

Why Consider Professional Teeth Whitening?

Professional whitening treatment ensures quality and guaranteed results in a couple of appointments with the dentist providing the treatment. Dentists do not brighten your teeth by using whitening ingredients. Instead, they provide teeth bleaching treatments with the help of concentrated hydrogen peroxide to remove intrinsic and extrinsic stains on your teeth.

In-office bleaching treatments will likely cost you around $ 650, and at-home whitening trays about $ 400. However, the therapy provides instant results within 90 minutes in the dental office. If you prefer at-home whitening trays, the dentist offers them with hydrogen peroxide gel and instructions on when and how to use them to whiten your teeth gradually.

Products on the market contain low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide gel or none. The products rely on abrasive ingredients to merely eliminate surface stains without affecting intrinsic stains on the dentin. It is why you must consider professional whitening at higher prices than other remedies.

What Do You Receive during Professional Therapies?

During your treatment for whitening teeth with a dentist, you first receive an examination of your teeth and gums to determine whether the whitening procedure suits your needs. If you are affected by tooth decay or gum disease, the dentist recommends you have the infections treated before considering whitening treatments.

Fortunately, if you are free from dental infections, the dentist proceeds to clean your teeth, removing plaque and tartar on them, and takes pictures after the cleaning for reference later.

The dentist starts the bleaching process by safeguarding the soft tissues of your mouth with cheek retractors and rubber dams to prevent sensitivity if the bleaching ingredient accidentally comes into contact with them. After your soft tissues and gums are protected, the dentist applies the hydrogen peroxide gel to your teeth four times during the hour at 15-minute intervals each. Suctioning off the existing application on your teeth after 15 minutes enables the dentist to apply a fresh coating. The sequence continues for an hour, accompanied by heat and light.

After one hour, the dentist requests you rinse your mouth and receive a fluoride treatment to prevent sensitivity and battle against cavities for several months. They also compare the new color of your teeth with pictures taken earlier to notice improvements by three to eight shades out of 16.

If you prefer to maintain the results of in-office teeth whitening, the dentist in Worcester, MA customizes trays for your teeth by taking measurements and requesting that you revisit them for collection. As you leave the dental office, the dentist reminds you that professional whitening treatments do not deliver permanent results and require you to refrain from consuming staining foods and beverages and quitting smoking if you are a smoker.

Professional whitening sessions from dentists give you a brighter smile without the side effects associated with bleaching ingredients which, although temporary, can cause anxiousness in you. When you decide to receive these treatments from dentists, the results last for six months to three years, depending on the care you provide to your teeth. Best of all, the sessions give you a reason to smile without hesitation because your teeth appear brighter and whiter instead of discolored and dull.

Tatnuck Family Dental Care provides in-office bleaching treatments helping you achieve a brighter smile in a single appointment. If you have discolored teeth, consider scheduling an appointment today with this practice to start enjoying your new and bright smile.

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