The Consequences of Ignoring Emergency Dentistry

The Consequences of Ignoring Emergency Dentistry

Aug 07, 2020

A toothache begins to bother you in the evening what you believe it will go away by itself and ignore it. After spending a sleepless night in bed, you are successful in ignoring the toothache, but the problem continues to linger and hurts your oral cavity as you brush. Has the pain vanished in reality? No, it has not, but it has allowed you to experience it overnight to leave you feeling irritated and tired.

Toothaches do not disappear by themselves and continue to linger in your mouth unless you decide to seek treatment from emergency dentist near you. Seeking the treatment would have given you a peaceful night with adequate sleep, but since you didn’t, the pain is likely to make an appearance in some time to cause plenty of anxiety and stress in you.

Do You Know the Reason for the Toothache?

Pain in the tooth does not appear as an unexpected incident. It is a reaction from the nerve at the core of the tooth. The nerve is protected by enamel, which is the hard outer coating and is responsible for delivering oxygen and nutrients to the sensitive tissues surrounding it. Sugary and acidic foods create an excellent environment in your mouth to gradually wear down the enamel until it reaches the tissue beneath to be called a cavity.

Pain emanating from a cavity does not repair itself or allows the human body to fix it. The nerve within your tooth will begin to deteriorate when it is exposed to food, water, and air. You will feel a throbbing pain like you did when brushing in the morning or a localized sensation when you put any pressure on the tooth.

Your body does not have a mechanism to repair the tooth, and the tooth won’t fix itself, so what are the options left to overcome the painful situation. Emergency dentistry in Worcester can examine your tooth before determining whether it can be repaired with fillings or root canal treatment is necessary to remove the infection from within. It clearly indicates you have been overlooking six-monthly dental appointments or checkups, which would have prevented the aggravation of the cavity.

You Treated the Toothache from Your Regular Dentist, but What Next?

You visited your regular dentist in Worcester, MA and requested for emergency dental care to have the tooth repaired. Is that the end of the problem? You still need to continue visiting your dentist for six-monthly exams and cleanings plus maintain excellent oral hygiene within your home. Your dentist would have filled the tooth and instructed you to watch out for further problems in your mouth. If you do not follow the dentist’s instructions stringently, you are encouraging the bacteria in your mouth to begin playing around again and infect your other teeth. The infections can easily be controlled if you visit your regular dentist frequently for checkups. Still, if you don’t, you are inviting another problem in your mouth that will require our attention from urgent dental care when least expected.

The emergency dentist you visited would have filled the tooth and even tried his or her best to remove all the bacteria from within. However, if any bacteria continue to remain in the teeth, they feed themselves on the nerves until they enter your gums and jaw to form an abscess. An abscess can be a localized infection sitting at the base of the affected tooth that is easily noticeable but painful at the same time. You may experience swelling and sensation to temperatures in the area. The symptoms of a dental abscess are typically a warning to seek treatment from emergency dental services at the earliest before your tooth fractures.

The excruciating pain will undoubtedly ensure you visit the nearest dentis in Worcester for emergency treatment, but if you ignore the issue altogether, you can rest assured the consequences will be loss of tooth and significant expenditure for tooth replacement solutions.

Adults are not the only ones affected by dental emergencies, which can also affect children. It is common for children to be running around at home or at school and suffering impacts on their face to suffer from dental injuries. They also need to see an emergency dentist for kids to attend to the dental problem the child is facing. Ignoring the loss of a permanent tooth in a child will also burden you with significant expenditure on tooth replacements with dental implants or bridges.

Ignoring a dental emergency is never recommended because dentists are always available to provide treatments regardless of the time the dental emergency affects you. The set time aside from their hectic schedules to welcome patients like you because they do not want you to suffer from the consequences of ignoring a dental emergency. After reading this blog and understanding why dental emergencies shouldn’t be ignored, are you willing to risk a dental issue by neglecting proper oral hygiene and regular visits to our dentists at Tatnuck Family Dental Care for checkups and examinations?

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