Importance of Routine Dental Exams and Cleanings

Importance of Routine Dental Exams and Cleanings

Jun 08, 2021

If you have never once visited a dentist, there is a lot for you to learn about the importance of regular dental exams and cleaning sessions.

What Are Dental Exams?

They are tests conducted in dentistry to check the status of patients’ oral cavities. These tests vary based on the primary goal of the dentist in Worcester, MA for every individual. Ideally, these tests are not always thorough and in-depth for repeat patients. However, when it is your first time at the dentist’s office, you may need a series of tests. The exams are conducted in different phases:

1. Physical tests – involve the observation and sometimes physical touch. The dentist will examine your teeth externally. He/she may use a small mirror to help focus on the far corners of your mouth. This exam helps identify any visible symptoms and signs that may indicate a problematic state of your oral cavity.

2. Digital tests – they are more in-depth tests, usually conducted on a need basis. They involve dental x-rays, which allow the dentist to examine your mouth beyond what can be seen with the naked eyes.

What Are Dental Cleanings?

They are dental sessions that involve professionally brushing, flossing, and rinsing your mouth to keep it clean. These sessions involve the use of more sophisticated technology and products than those you use at home. This is why the results of teeth cleaning sessions are far much better compared to the typical results you get when you clean your mouth at home.

Why Are Regular Cleanings and Exams Important in Dentistry?

Dental exams and cleanings in Worcester, MA do not exist to benefit dental experts. If anything, these services are offered because they offer incredible value to the oral health of patients. Some of the factors that make regular dental cleanings and exams necessary for good oral health are:

1. Monitoring of your oral health – one of the primary roles of dental exams is to monitor the state of your oral cavity. At any given point, things could change in your body, impacting the state of your mouth. The frequent exams with your dentist ensure that he/she monitors the progress of your oral cavity at different times in your life.

2. Boosting oral hygiene – the activities you do at home to care for the cleanliness of your mouth are not enough to excel in oral hygiene. The dental cleanings for teeth ensure that any stubborn plaque and tartar in your teeth are removed before they begin to harm the health of your teeth. With about 2 professional dental cleanings in a year, the in-between efforts to keep your mouth clean will pay off a great deal.

3. Detecting and diagnosing dental problems early – if, for nothing else, a dental examination should at least serve the purpose of identifying any dental problem in your mouth. The best part about regular exams for your mouth is that the dentist can detect an anomaly thereof, early. The early detection and diagnosis allow for treatment before any permanent damage is incurred in your mouth. Besides, with some dental issues like oral cancer, the earlier they are detected, the more effective treatment will be.

4. To create a medical record – gathering as much information as possible about your health is the only way to come up with an insightful medical record for your oral health. Such a record is important for any dental treatments and procedures you may need to have, even in the future. It also makes it easier for your attending dental expert to determine the best treatment for you, based on the information in your dental records.

5. Preventing infections – the cleaning of your teeth by a professional is not just to ensure you have fresh breath at all times. Instead, they are very essential in the fight against bacteria that cause infections in your mouth. Plaque consists of food residues, saliva, and bacteria, which produce harmful acids that cause infection in the mouth. Such infections can be to your teeth, for example, tooth decay, or rather affect your gums as is the case with Gingivitis and periodontitis. As such, regular dental cleanings give no room for plaque to form on any part of your mouth, disallowing any infection from taking place.

6. Maintaining excellent oral health – regular dental exams and cleanings in Worcester, MA do not always have to prevent problems from occurring. Instead, they can be efforts you put forth to maintain your oral health as excellent at all times.

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