Fluoride Treatments in Worcester, MA

Fluoride Treatments in Worcester, MA

Our experienced dental team at Tatnuck Family Dental Care provide fluoride treatments in Worcester, MA, to prevent cavities from forming. Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral that strengthens tooth enamel.

Is Fluoride Safe?

The short answer: yes! Fluoride is a mineral that can be naturally found in most water sources and many foods such as shellfish, grapes, and potatoes. While most people consume fluoride from their meals and from using a fluoridated toothpaste, our Worcester team generally recommends fluoride treatments to supplement naturally occurring fluoride to keep your teeth looking and feeling healthy and strong.

Why You Need Fluoride

Cavity-causing bacteria and acids from foods and refreshments lower the natural minerals on the surface of your tooth, making them more prone to decay in the future. By having a fluoride treatment in Worcester, MA, we are effectively remineralizing the tooth enamel, making it less prone to damage by cavities. Often, even patients who use fluoride toothpaste have weakened enamels prone to cavities.

Children and Cavities

Fluoride is especially recommended for children. Generally, their oral hygiene and eating habits leave something to be desired by dentist. Fluoride treatments can help stop their sweet tooth from becoming a suite for dental decay as their teeth grow in.

Fluoride Treatments

Professional fluoride treatments in Worcester, MA, are often recommended at the time of your routine dental exam and cleaning. If you have a history of tooth decay or cavities, we may suggest that you schedule regular fluoride treatments. Because fluoride does appear in food, we may ask about your diet. We do this out of concern for your oral health and are not there to be judgmental. Fluoride treatments in Worcester, MA, can replenish the minerals lost when eating foods that are highly acidic or sugary. Just one of the treatments available to fortify teeth, we ask that you be honest with us about your lifestyle habits so that we can come up with an appropriate dental treatment plan for you.

To learn more about fluoride treatments or to schedule your biannual checkup with our dental office, call Tatnuck Family Dental Care. Our dental office, is located in Worcester, MA, and we offer our services to the surrounding area.

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