Which Option Would You Consider for Teeth Whitening?

Which Option Would You Consider for Teeth Whitening?

Apr 01, 2021

If you have discolored teeth, you may want to find methods to whiten them and begin searching over the Internet or the local market for helpful products. The demand for teeth whitening has expanded significantly to encourage many producers to market various products which they claim are excellent to whiten teeth from home. Their low prices may encourage you to try the products. Still, you are likely to confront disappointment because most products available on the market deliver little or no results even after using them for months or years.

Your teeth may have stained or discolored due to various reasons. Making them brighter or whiter safely is not a challenge if you choose the right options to succeed in your goal. The best option is to visit teeth whitening in Worcester, MA, for in-office teeth whitening treatment. You can even ask the dentist in Worcester, MA, to provide at-home whitening trays for use to maintain the results of in-office teeth whitening.

If you are comfortable with over-the-counter products, no one can stop you from using them. So long as you prepare yourself for the disappointment ahead of time, you can go ahead and use as many products as you want to whiten your teeth.

What Kind of Discoloration Is Affecting Your Teeth?

Many reasons are responsible for teeth discoloration.

Extrinsic discoloration affects you when you have pigmented foods and beverages or lifestyle habits like smoking to stain your teeth. Foods with dyes and tobacco can contribute to extrinsic staining besides coffee, tea, red wine, et cetera. Extrinsic stains are treated with whitening toothpaste that targets the exterior colors.

Your teeth may have intrinsic staining from medicine use, childhood illness, infections, aging, and trauma. Intrinsic staining is better removed by professionally bleaching them if you intend to have a better level of whiteness.

What Do You Receive from the Dentist in Worcester?

The dentist in Worcester provides zoom teeth whitening that whitens your teeth by approximately three to eight shades in one appointment of 60 minutes with the dentist.

Zoom teeth whitening is similar to laser teeth whitening. Besides using the bleaching ingredients, Zoom treatment has a chairside lamp to activate the chemicals in the whitening gel to produce faster and effective results. Therefore if you have been searching for teeth whitening near you providing laser whitening, you can forget about it when visiting the Worcester dentist.

Tatnuck Family Dental Care provides teeth whitening treatments to many patients using the zoom technique. Patients are happy because they get to see visible results within the hour, and your experience is unlikely to be different. The zoom teeth whitening process is not expensive as it is made out to be, but it is instead at par with most in-office teeth whitening treatments. Perhaps the only difference you notice is the faster and more efficient results delivered by zoom, which is famous not just in America but also globally.

You can maintain the beautiful results delivered by zoom by requesting the dentist to provide you at-home whitening trays with gel to support the results longer. The Worcester dentist happily provides the trays with instructions on how to use them and for how long. Follow the instructions of the dentist diligently if you want to derive full benefits from the investment you made in whitening your teeth. You are unlikely to be disappointed with the results unless you make a concerted effort to develop stains on your teeth in every way possible.

How Frequently Must You Bother Dentists for Teeth Whitening?

When you visit your dentist in Worcester, MA for routine appointments, you get a dental cleaning and polishing every six months. Combine the cleaning and polishing with excellent dental hygiene, and you may never need teeth whitening treatments ever. However, your teeth can stain for the reasons mentioned above. If you want even the most minor blemish removed, you can consider visiting dentists once every three years for an evaluation. You must understand your teeth can stain because of plaque buildup when you don’t brush and floss your teeth appropriately. After you get teeth whitening from the Worcester dentist, you merely need to maintain the whitening, ensuring you don’t develop discoloration on your teeth by taking good care of them for the next three years.

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