Bad Breath: What You Need to Know About Halitosis and How Tatnuck Family Dental Care Can Help

Bad Breath: What You Need to Know About Halitosis and How Tatnuck Family Dental Care Can Help

Sep 27, 2019

It’s a fact. Bad breath can affect everyone at some point in their lives, regardless of how diligent they are about their oral hygiene practices at home. Although Tatnuck Family Dental Care
Dental Care can help patients in Worcester who are experiencing halitosis from dental conditions such as periodontal disease and tooth decay, following are some common culprits too!

Food: The list of foods that can contribute to bad breath is endless. The only way to get rid of foul breath from food that you’ve eaten is to allow time for the culprit to fully pass through your system.

Health Conditions and Medications: Some of the most common health conditions that lead to bad breath include liver or kidney disorder, chronic acid reflux, and diabetes. And even though medications are used to help a body, they can also serve as a contributor to bad breath – especially if a side effect of the medication you’re taking is dry mouth, which leads us to the next culprit!

Dry Mouth: Also known as xerostomia, the condition more commonly called dry mouth can be treated with mouth rinses that do not contain alcohol as a first line of defense. If your dry mouth persists, there may be an underlying medical reason like the one listed next. Contact Tatnuck Family Dental Care for a consultation to determine what may be causing your dry mouth in Worcester.

Sinus Problems: When patients suffer from chronic sinus problems that include nasal mucus congestion, most of us know that the persistent nasal drip often creates a breeding ground for germ growth. But bad breath can also arise as a result of the bacterial growth.

Smoking: This one probably goes without saying since it’s pretty common knowledge that tobacco use results in offensive odors – including an offensive odor of the breath. But what many people aren’t as familiar with is that smoking can also lead to dry mouth and a build-up of bacterial growth.

The Build-Up of Plaque: The Number One Culprit for Bad Breath in Worcester

The jury is in, and the number one culprit that causes bad breath is bad at-home dental brushing and flossing habits. Why? Because without the added assistance of regularly scheduled professional dental cleanings in Worcester, even the most diligent at-home practices will leave food residue in your mouth. This residue contributes to plaque build-up, and plaque causes not only bad breath, but periodontal disease which also leads to bad breath. If it’s been more than six months since your last professional tooth cleaning in Worcester, Tatnuck Family Dental Care has appointments available to get you back on track.

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