Tatnuck Family Dental Care Explains Teeth Whitening Process

Tatnuck Family Dental Care Explains Teeth Whitening Process

Dec 12, 2019

Everybody wants to have a shiny smile. It gives you the confidence to wander around. Following a proper dental hygiene routine is important. Brushing twice a day, flossing, mouthwashes are important. It keeps your smile safe from germs and you can maintain a white smile. Discolored teeth badly affect the personality. Different cosmetic dental treatments are now available for teeth whitening.

Is It possible to Have White Teeth At Home

Natural methods are effective but they require a lot of time and effort.  It is better to choose in-office whitening treatment instead of home remedies. Your dentist knows best for you.

Teeth whitening treatment at the clinic are categorized into two; the vital and non-vital method. Both have been discussed below.

Vital Whitening Method

If your natural teeth are still safe and they have not undergone any treatment like root canal therapy, the dentist advises the vital method. The major difference between both methods lies in the nerves of your teeth. RCT and other treatments cover the nerves since the infection has damaged them. They are not living anymore. The vital method is for the teeth that have live nerves.

Worcester MA dentist will use a strong whitening gel. The procedure takes 30 minutes for completion. The time increases if the discoloration is strong. The minimum visits to the dentist are three. They may increase if the stains are stronger. An impression of the denture is taken and a whitening tray is constructed. This tray and a gel are prescribed as medication. The results are visible in two weeks.

Non-Vital Whitening Method

Teeth without any living nerves have to undergo the non-vital procedure. The treatment is not just restricted to RCT. If you have veneers or crowns, you will be recommended the non-vital method. Living nerves support the whitening treatment and the results appear sooner in vital method. On the contrary, the non-vital method has slower results because there are no living nerves to support the treatment.

The tooth is filled with a whitening agent and a filling will be added to cover it. It will take weeks for this agent to show results. Smokers or alcoholics have to undergo this procedure multiple times. Otherwise, one visit to the clinic for Worcester teeth whitening is good. Your tooth has already been treated. There is no guarantee that your teeth will be whitened or not. The procedure is complex.

Teeth Whitening Methods

Here are some other teeth whitening treatments that your dentist might recommend. You can also try a few yourself. Just go through the directions before use.

ZOOM Teeth Whitening

Zoom tooth whitening is a bleaching procedure that can whiten the enamel as well as dentin; the two layers of your teeth. Staining can be a result of smoking, drinking excessive tea, coffee, beverages, alcohol, or aging. A comprehensive dental examination is performed and if everything is good, the zoom process starts. Your dentist may recommend a simple cleaning before the actual Zoom procedure. However, that depends upon the condition of your teeth.

The procedure begins with the exposure of teeth by covering the lips and gums. The hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to the teeth and left under the light. The gel sits on your teeth for fifteen minutes. You can use your mobile, watch TV, or read a magazine in the meantime. The gel is applied three times and left under light every time. This gel and a light beam are specifically made for the Zoom process. Do not confuse it with other gels and simple light. The overall treatment time is 45 minutes and anxious people find difficulty spending the time. Once the procedure is complete, a fluoride sensitivity-reducing paste is applied.

Whitening Toothpaste

If the discoloration is not severe, dentists also recommend whitening toothpaste. They contain hydrogen peroxide which is an essential whitening element. It is better to use fluoride incorporated with the whitening element.

Whitening Gels and Strips

Another method for teeth whitening includes whitening gels and strips. Hydrogen peroxide is available in the gel for that is applied with a toothbrush. This gel is available in the form of strips as well. These strips are applied to the denture. There is no requirement of a toothbrush or tray for the application of strips.

Whitening Rinse

Mouthwashes with hydrogen peroxide are another option. Choose rinses if you want convenience. But the results will take time to appear.

Tatnuck Family Dental Care can provide you the right whitening treatment. Visit us get the desired treatment from our professionals.

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